Riverdale : Josie (Ashleigh Murray) is going to join the spin-off Katy Keene

Josie McCoy, played by Ashleigh Murray in “Riverdale”, will be one of the heroines of the spin-off “Katy Keene”, which the chain the CW has ordered a pilot. The site Season Zero, which has revealed the information, has also lifted the veil on the other characters. Diyah Pera/The CW to capitalize on the international success of Riverdale, which is available on Netflix in France and in many countries around the world, the american channel The CW recently ordered a pilot for a spin-off titled Katy Keene, which, if it ends up seeing the light of day on the chain and next season will follow the first steps in New York of four aspiring artists, who hope to realize their dreams and break through to Broadway, in the world of fashion, or even in the music industry. Developed by the showrunner of Riverdale Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and screenwriter and producer Michael Grassi, and based on characters from the catalog of the publisher Archie Comics, this spin-off will be quite different from the series mother as it will take the form of a dram├ędie musical numbers sung and danced to key) and should be closer to the spirit of the seasons 4 and 5 of Glee, or even of The Carrie Diaries. But Katy Keene will also be a very big link with Riverdale, since, as is revealed in the site, Season, Zero , who has had access to the script of the pilot, Josie McCoy, the leader of the Pussycats embodied by Ashleigh Murray, is part of the central characters of the spin-off and “left her hometown to embark on a solo career in New York”. Information that The CW and Warner Bros. Television had, for the moment, well guarded, to announce and that explains how be introduced to this new series in the universe of Riverdale. Season Zero also tells a little more about the other characters of this series are derived, and reveals that Katy Keene, the heroine fashionista, ambitious and talented, who has had his own comics in the 50s, is at the age of twenty years, is an old friend of Veronica Lodge, and works alongside his sworn enemy Amanda, as a personal shopper in the department store Lacy’s, under the orders of Gloria Grandilt, a diva of fashion about 40 years. And one of their clients is none other than Alexandra Cabot, heir to the empire Media Cabot, familiar to connoisseurs of the comics Katy Keene and recognizable with its streak of white in her hair. Side private life, Katy Keene comes out with Kb Kelly, a boxer, semi-professional is described as having an incredible body (we feel already come the scenes bare-chested), and sharing an apartment with Josie and Jorge Lopez, nicknamed Ginger Lopez, who is the son of the owners of the building. Jorge has 20 years, is openly gay, and performs as a drag queen in a ballroom in the Poses. Finally, the last major character introduced in the pilot is called Pepper Smith. Pepper is a young journalist, a feminist who knows everyone in the middle of the culture and the media, and in which the connections have no limits. If it is almost obvious that Ashleigh Murray will resume his role of Josie in Katy Keene – and to lose so logically its status as a regular in Riverdale – the production is still in search of the actors who will camp the other characters, including the heroine, which gives its title to the series. The pilot of this spin-off, according to Season Zero, will turn in New York in march.