Avengers Endgame : Tom Holland private script to avoid the “oops”!

No arms, no chocolate ! Or in the case of Tom Holland, a language too much hanging and it is private scripts. This is the solution chosen by the brothers Russo to guard against failures of the young actor, accustomed to goofing off. 2017 Sony Pictures Releasing GmbH young people never learn ! This is the lesson that one should remember by brothers Joe and Anthony Russo. A bit like Spider-man, Tom Holland has no language in his pocket. And if the actor knows to be undeniably make the show, this is not without blunders, uncontrolled, leading it, very regularly, to reveal something more or less important, but in all cases, kept secret by the production. At a time when the least information is hyper-controlled, where the trailers are rigged to say the least possible, or to manipulate the audience, one can imagine the crises of nerves in Marvel.

Then the brothers Russo have had a simple solution : lose scenario for Avengers Endgame : “Tom Holland had his lines of dialogue. He didn’t even know with whom he played. We reported just a few vague information to him describe the situation, what was going to happen in the scene, because he has a lot of trouble to keep its language “. Already last year Tom Holland explained to his fans at the ACE Comic Con Phoenix that during the action scenes, he did not know against whom he fought, the filmmakers not wanting to tell him anything because it was a secret.

This decision to say the least, drastic and freakish is motivated by many history. Tom Holland had thus announced “accidentally” as the flux quantum (or Quantum Realm in the language of Shakespear) would play an important role in Endgame ; a first-hand, it spoils even the end of the film thinking that the audience had already seen ! Since the actor is having fun, of course, like when he pretends to reveal the title of the next Spider-Man or when he meets the brothers Russo, who addressed a letter to the journalists attending the screenings not to spoiler the film, if the mail was not initially addressed. And perhaps this is still the case today.

Finally, these young people never learn ! Check out the fanzone about the next Spider-Man : Far From Home : Fanzone Emissions d'Actu

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