Glass : is it essential to (re)see non-Breakable and Split ?

“Glass” comes out tomorrow in theaters. This is the third part of a trilogy begun in 2000 with “Unbreakable” and extended to 2017 with “Split”. Is it essential to have seen the first two films to understand and appreciate it ? The Walt Disney Company France While Glass, the third part of the trilogy of Unbreakable performed by M. Night Shyamalan, comes out this Wednesday, some of you may wonder if it is very important or not to have seen the first two, non-Breakable and Split, in order to fully appreciate it. We will not go by four paths : the answer is yes. Why ? First, because Glass is really a crossover between Breakable and Split, which offers a suite of one and the other. The two universes, that worked in both of the films independently of one another until the scene post-credits Split which was the link with Unbreakable, merge completely. Shyamalan has not made a habit of taking the viewer for an idiot. Therefore, you should not expect in-depth explanations that would hang up the cars, also to understand how will be built the links and the oppositions between the three characters, it is essential to have well in mind the two films. On the one hand, because Glass takes up the issues raised in Unbreakable, to the topic of identity, doubt, faith, and continues the reflection on the super-hero committed then. On the other hand, because of the complexity of the hero of Split, due to his psychiatric disorder, that it is good to know before embarking on the rest of the trip. However, if you run out of time and you can’t expect to discover Glass, here’s what you need to know to not be completely left on the low side. To avoid the spoilers which follow, however, it is strongly advised to see the films. Unbreakable for dummies December 2000 spell Unbreakable, the story of David Dunn, a man, a priori, ordinary, but still camped by Bruce Willis, who finds himself the only survivor of a terrible train accident. On his side, Elijah Price, called Mr. Glass because his bones break like glass and played by Samuel L. Jackson, is convinced that there is a person unbreakable, which would be its exact opposite. Elijah contacts David and tries to convince him that he is more than a mere mortal, that it is neither more nor less than a super-hero. At the end of the film, we discover that Elijah, in a good super-villain, was the origin of the derailment of the train in which was David Dunn, for him to reveal the identity of his nemesis. Shyamalan ad fairly quickly, at the time of the release of Unbreakable, that he wanted to make a trilogy, but it connects with other movies, then wipes several commercial failures, and the project continued falls gradually into oblivion. Split for dummies In 2016, Shyamalan, after going through several failed attempts, and decided to go back to a cinema minimalist, performs Split, a psychological thriller which tells the kidnapping of three young girls by a man called Kevin Wendell Crumb. Kevin, played by James McAvoy, suffers from a severe dissociative disorder, of the identitéun man suffering from dissociative disorders of identity and 24 personalities that live in him, to Patricia, an English psycho, Hedwig, a boy of 9 years, through Dennis, a man afflicted with OCD. Casey, one of the victims, determined, intelligent and sensitive, attempting to establish a link with her kidnapper in the hope of being able to escape, while the Beast, personality, supernatural Kevin, threatens to be released. At the end of the film, a scene at a post-generic shows the character of David Dunn, who discovers the news of the existence of the Beast. And after ? The plot of the Glass takes place sixteen years after the events chronicled in Unbreakable and shortly after those of Split. David Dunn, now a widower, is a vigilante hardcore, hidden under the hood of her raincoat, fighting criminals and protecting the citizens of Philadelphia with the help of his son Joseph. Although wanted by the police, he seeks always to put the hand on The hoard, the 24 personalities of Kevin, who have kidnapped other young girls to feed The Beast. Elijah, meanwhile, was interned in a psychiatric hospital, in a state of catatonic and is visited by its mother… The trailer for Glass : Glass trailer VO

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