Tomorrow belongs to us : what awaits you in episode 428 of Tuesday, march 26, 2019 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Flora tries to find a way to save Bart, Arthur has only one obsession : to find his keys. Samuel, on his side, made a proposal to Leila, and Chloe is for Caesar. Capture d'screen/TF1 Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1 ! If you do not want to know, go your way !! Tuesday, march 26, in Tomorrow belongs to us… Flora tries to save Bart Gabriel visited the scene of the car accident to try to find the famous key that Arthur has lost, but fails to get hold of it. In parallel, to the hospital, Victory announces to Arthur and to his mother that he will be able to get out today and, after two weeks of plaster cast for his arm and everything should be back in the eye. Sandrine and Laurence are still worried because of the loss of memory of their son and are determined to be the monitor. On returning home, they end up arguing because one of them is and the other constantly taking the blame of the accident and the behavior of Arthur lately. For Laurence, it is vital that they manage to stick together to face this crisis together. But Sandrine did not fail to remind him that they are no longer together. Flora, for its part, comes to pick up Bart at the office, and finally makes the acquaintance of Hugo, to demand that she stay away from his son now. Desperate by the situation, and mad with rage, she then attempts to minimize the facts with Sandrine in saying that Arthur went well and that all teens make mistakes. But Sandrine sees clear in the game from his friend and assures him that it won’t work with it. It will not happen to save the buttocks of Bart. It is justice that will decide. Later, when Gabriel and Arthur decided to meet again the next day to smash a lock, failing to find the key, Charlie, who made the scooter with his brother, stumbles upon the keys in question and puts it in his pocket, without knowing where they come from. Bart, meanwhile, finds Hugo on the beach and discovered it in a full heated discussion with Julien, a young man that he claims to have met in prison. The latter goes away and leaves Bart and Hugo discussing what could wait for Bart in the event of a conviction. Hugo tries to make him understand that he takes big risks and that it is different from what happened last summer, when he covered for the robbery, but Bart refuses to retract his statements. Hugo then confesses to Bart that he has tried to forget him in prison, but that it was above his forces. And the two former end up kissing passionately, under the eye of Julien, who observes from far away with anger. Samuel made a proposal to Le├»la Bilel goes to the mas in the company of Jules to thank Alex for helping him during his run. He took the opportunity to ask him if he would not have a job to offer him, but Alex tells him that he can’t afford to hire someone at this time. However, when Bilel tells him that he lives in a hotel room with Jules and the situation started to become complicated financially speaking, Alex can not help but make a gesture to help. He then offers a half-time job and offered him to host it at the mas, in the apartment of his mother, who is not here at this moment. Bilel is obviously delighted but this new environment is delighted with a little less Jules, who realizes that he will not have a room and that he will have to sleep on the sofa in the living room. Chardeau, for its part, made a proposal amazing to Laila : he would like that they move together. Leila, surprise, reminds him that she lives with her daughters and they are still not very fan of him. Samuel, who has helped Bilel during its run, think that it can evolve with the time and refuses to spend another minute away from her. So Leila agrees to try. Chloe decides to take action to prevent Margot from committing a grave error In Delcourt, Chloe discovers that Margot is always decided to entrust Caesar with child welfare and that it is in the process of writing a letter of renunciation of his parental rights. Powerless in the face of the situation, Chloe decides to pay a visit to Lou, who has agreed to help Margot in her approach, and leads them to try to convince the teenager to change her mind and not abort her baby. Lou reminds him that it is not his role to advocate to guide people in their decisions, but for Margot, she knows, she agrees to try to talk to him. Later, it is to remind Margot that she had also struggled with Nina in the beginning, she did a post-partum depression, and that today she regrets having abandoned momentarily his daughter. But for Margot, the two situations are not comparable. She never wanted it to Caesar, she feels nothing for him, and knows that he will be much happier without it. As a last resort, Chloe ends up apologize to Anna and asks her sister to take care of Caesar for some time, until Margot changes her mind, in order to prevent the baby from the orphanage.

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